Brooklyn’s Corner

   coffee-cup-desk-pen My mission is to inspire  inquiring minds out there on any topic that would make our busy lives a little more managable. I want this blog to be an experience, a journey in which we all are able to manifest and grow.


  1. Namrata · July 8

    Beautifully penned down! 🙂

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  2. epiphanyofsumi · July 8

    Welcome to WordPress dear. Make it a haven of your thoughts to spill out without concern.

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  3. noonespecial · July 13

    This is a great idea and will surely be a great trip for many!

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    • Anie Abraxas · August 14

      I hope that soon I will be able to be creative again. At the moment I have an absolute blockade, my thoughts are too much caught in my personal love. I hope I do not disappoint anyone too much that I am a creative failure…

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      • Brooklyn's Corner · August 14

        Oh nonsense. You wrote this post so failure your not. Just write what ever God puts in your heart. Trust me, it always works.

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      • Anie Abraxas · August 15

        you are sweet, Brooklyn´s Corner! Thank you, but I was always a late bloomer, double time always! So things, which are important I need double time, but afterwards I ´ll do it as good as others and for future, I will always love double intense!

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      • Brooklyn's Corner · August 16


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      • Anie Abraxas · August 16

        Well, at least you can laugh, that is already something and rejoices me!

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  4. da-AL · July 23

    joy & success with your new adventure 🙂

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  5. Jerry Peri · August 14

    Best of luck, all the way!

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  6. Anabel Geneta-Raymundo · August 18


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  7. Albert Soriano · August 29

    We’re on the same page on this. I’m also writing to document significant life experiences so most of my posts are pertaining to lovely thoughts for families and friends, or rant (lol) towards the company i am employed 🙂

    Enjoy your journey! We share with your happiness and be with you (virtually) during challenging times.

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    • Brooklyn's Corner · August 29

      Yes. Thank you my friend.

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