1. ivors20 · August 9

    We are all given a task ….

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    • Anie Abraxas · August 14

      thanks Ivors, you are one of my favorit here! What´s your task? I think my task is to suffer and get hurt for a while. So I´m looking forward to one day in future, that I can surprise you all with my creativ joy….

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      • ivors20 · August 14

        Hi Anie,, hope you don’t suffer too much, and hurt is definitely to be avoided…. My task in life was to care for my wife during her 30 years of suffering MS, now my task is to care for myself, whom I’ve neglected over the years….. Don’t worry, your creativity will develop with your growing awareness and courage.xx

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      • Anie Abraxas · August 14

        Thank you, dear Ivors, your words give me much in my loneliness. I know your destiny and I admire you as you have mastered it. Life is like that. Where happiness is, there is also suffering .. how could I ever thoüght that on my side is only happiness? Well, the time for suffering has come and I will live it out until it is enough … yes, and the creativity will come back, I’m not worried about this, because I have never enforced anything, but it has always worked with faith and perseverance , time is relative..I do not really care about time…I feel like a child and I will ever do.

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  2. jyo · August 12


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  3. jyo · August 12

    Amaze !!

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  4. asimpleview2017 · August 13

    Love it! So true others can be inspired by your journey.👏🏾

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  5. daisymae2017 · August 14

    A very good quote.

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  6. T. R. Noble · August 14

    Loved this! A really good quote : )

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  7. kareninspirational.com · August 16

    I agree. If we don’t get discouraged- eventually the mountains disappears. When we succeed through persistence and hard work, others would follow.

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  8. ultimatetravel8 · August 23

    I like this quote!

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  9. Christy B · August 23

    Great quote!!

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    • Brooklyn's Corner · August 23

      Thank you so much.


  10. mariewilliams53 · August 24

    … or it can be climbed?

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  11. Equipping · August 28

    Thanks for your like of my post on Israel 931-586 B.C. You are very kind.

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  12. catblog618 · August 30

    Thanks for following my blog; you are very kind.

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