Happy Birthday Day America.

I could not allow the day to go by without saluting my country. ¬†OK, I know that this is not a good time for us. At home or abroad but…


I live in the nation’s capital and

even if your not patriotic, you will be by the end of the night. It is 10:50 and the fire works are still going off. I didn’t even have to leave my home. It was spectacular.

Glad to come aboard


 This is my introduction into the world of blogging. Yes my first post, so I decided to write about an actual experience that I’m currently expierencing. Writers block. I’ve been reading post, after blog, after you tube video’s and I think I’ve over worked my brain. I decided to use a technigue that I learned in elementry school. Just write. Write about the first thing that comes to  mind and don’t stop. Which I’m curently doing. This inspired me to write about my personal experience in starting a blog.

The first time I heard of blogging was while watching a show on The Food Network. Since then, the popularity of blogging has exploded. A reporter on Fox 5 news referenced a blogger with the same respects as a journalist. So I decided to start writing. But I’ve been doing more reading than writing. What do you do when you have writers block?